Dependable Copywriter’s 20 Steps to Your Personalised Questionnaire

Dependable Copywriter’s 20 Steps to Your Personalised Questionnaire

Step 1. What’s the nature of the project?

Word count? Provide approx figure (500 words) or a range (1200-1500).

Tone of voice? Funny/serious, formal/informal, motivational, reverse psychology and sarcasm, etc.

Standalone or series project? Can you share the rest of the content plan?

Format? Word document, PDF file, uploaded to website, published on social media, etc.

Call to action? Readers to buy product, subscribe to mailing list, etc.

Step 2. When does the job start and finish?

Rush job? Delivery within 3 days costs 50% extra.

Step 3. Who is the target audience for this content?

Age group? Kids, teens, adults, elderly, etc.

Occupation? Lawyers, doctors, babysitters, etc.

Other information? Please provide any market research you have.

Step 4. Have you worked with freelance copywriters before?

If so, do you have a set procedure you’d like me to follow?

Step 5. Can I see some of your current marketing material?

What do you like about it?

What do you dislike about it?

Step 6. What’s your budget?

Please provide an approximate figure or a range.

I’m willing to tailor my services to fit your budget.

Step 7. Who will be my contact person for this project?

This person has the final approval on finished content.

Step 8. Will you provide article/blog post topics or do you want me to?

If applicable, will you provide SEO keywords?

Step 9. Is interviewing part of this assignment?

If so, how many experts need to be interviewed?

Step 10. What is your Unique Selling Proposition?

Who are your main competitors?

What do you offer that they don’t?

Step 11. Can you provide three adjectives that best sum up the values of your company?

What are the first three things that come to mind?

Step 12. How do you prefer to communicate?

I prefer emails. Is this okay with you?

Step 13. How will this content be published?

Will it be online, in print or both?

If online, do you want hyperlinks in the copy and/or Meta Descriptions included?

Step 14. Do you require a non-disclosure agreement?

I may request amendments.

Step 15. Does your contract include a non-compete clause?

I may request amendments.

Step 16. Are you happy with two free rounds of revisions?

Additional or complete rewrites cost extra.

Step 17. What form of payment do you prefer?

I prefer direct bank transfer within 7 days. Is this okay with you?

Step 18. When can you pay a deposit so I can start work?

I start writing as soon as the 25% deposit clears in my account.

Step 19. What are your expectations regarding my availability?

I’m available Mon to Fri, 8am-6pm via email. I may respond on weekends and public holidays, but this isn’t guaranteed.

Step 20. Have you checked your answers?

When you’re ready, email them to me at