Part Two: Is Offline Marketing Dead?

Part Two: Is Offline Marketing Dead?

Businesses are selling themselves on social networks, more websites pop up every day, and cheap, sometimes free, online marketing is a Godsend to small businesses. Why spend hundreds posting leaflets when you could email companies for free (excluding spam, of course)? Online marketing is king, but here are the last three reasons why offline marketing still works. If you missed part one, it’s here.

5. Online marketing is ugly.
Email marketing experts suggest that you use plain html with very few links. Spammers add lots of bad links and hackers add attachments (virus included). Html means you’ve got a better chance of passing the spam blocker. The bad side is html is plain. No pictures, colours, layouts, etc. Just words. Other online marketing options like business directories aren’t much better. They usually limit extras like adding photos, a logo, and other features necessary to stand out.
Offline marketing is gorgeous: colours, photos, and a glossy finish. Offline materials can also double up as useful objects like a calendar, pen or keyring. One day they’ll need your services and there you’ll be, a subtle header at the top of a notepad.

6. Not everyone’s online.
You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t have a website, blog, online newsletter, etc. They still rely on the phone and post, maybe even fax, but why? Because many customers aren’t online.
Don’t focus solely on online marketing or you’ll lose out on lots of business. So many businesses just don’t feel the need to have a website, so you’ll need to reach them via old school methods like post. Again, there’ll be less competition because your competitors will be obsessing over the internet.

7. Marketing 101: You need 7+ views to sell.
Customers must see your advert seven or more times to show interest. Even then, it’s not guaranteed they’ll spend a penny. Marketing can be expensive when people must see your brand several times. An advert could cost thousands. Can you afford more? Plus the best timeslots and ad spaces are VERY expensive.
Effective marketing combines different methods, for example, TV adverts promoting a website, and a website pushing a newsletter subscription. If you’re limited to online marketing, you’ll miss out on offline options like TV adverts, radio spots, letter drops, live networking events, etc.

Those seven reasons show why you shouldn’t abandon offline marketing entirely. Shifting the bulk of your marketing online makes sense, especially when your budget is low, but don’t stop your offline efforts. There’s lower competition and many customers out in the real world. Offline marketing is still lucrative – don’t miss out! Combine offline and online marketing to stay ahead of the competition.

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