Part One: Is Offline Marketing Dead?

Part One: Is Offline Marketing Dead?

Yes. At least, that’s what some people say…

Businesses are selling themselves on social networks, more websites pop up every day, and cheap, sometimes free, online marketing is a Godsend to small businesses. Why spend hundreds posting leaflets when you could email companies for free (excluding spam, of course)? Online marketing is king, but here are seven reasons why offline marketing isn’t dead yet.

1. Lower competition.
Online marketing can be free or cheap, so the competition is FIERCE. Your email might be one of hundreds to enter someone’s inbox each month. Your website is lost amongst millions online. There’s big money to be made online, but it takes months, even YEARS, to do it.
Now everyone’s moving online, it frees up space offline. Spammers find it easier to reach millions of homes worldwide than spend hours posting junk mail through letterboxes. This means your offline advert will stand out more because the bad seeds are moving on. Less junk means people will be more open to reading what you have to say.

2. No spam block.
Spammers blast your inbox with unwanted offers nearly every day. Unfortunately, we don’t have spam block in our letterboxes. Fortunately, this means customers can’t keep out your marketing materials. You won’t get lost in spam or be deleted by harsh filters. Post gets straight past the barrier to your customers, whether they like it or not.

3. You don’t need the ‘perfect headline’.
In email marketing, the perfect subject field is crucial. Look at these two:
Writer Needs Work
Google and Apple are on the waiting list. Book this Copywriter ASAP!
See? You’ve got seconds to stand out in the inbox. Fail and it’s over. Straight to the Trash.
Offline marketing doesn’t rely on headlines. Customers see headings, deals, photos, and even graphics. If one thing doesn’t catch their eye, something else will.

4. Offline marketing is harder to ignore.
Deleting online marketing materials is easy. Just hit the Delete button. You can set filters to automatically delete emails depending on the subject. Adverts on web pages are also getting the boot. Now services like Adblock are blocking out intrusive advertising. With so many tools to tailor your browsing experience, there’s no need to see another advert again.

But you can’t do this offline.

You can stick “NO JUNK MAIL” on your letterbox, but they’ll do it anyway. Your dog might scare them off once or twice, but then they’ll move a bit faster. You can aim to pick up the post and dump it straight in the bin, but then something catches your eye…You can’t ignore offline junk mail. It doesn’t go off to a separate letterbox. It lands right there on the office doorstep. You can’t help but take a quick look as you walk to the bin.

Those are just four reasons why you shouldn’t ditch offline marketing yet. Part two is available here.

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