House of Restoration

A web page explaining a rehabilitation home’s service. The content aims to address any worries the patient’s family may have.

Our Services

Room & Board

House of Restoration (HRE) offers a light, spacious room with easy access to the bathroom, living area, kitchen and garden. Our skills in the kitchen mean your loved one will always have tasty food prepared to the highest standard. We are also happy to help clients eat.

24 Hr Nursing Supervision

The elderly never knows when they’ll need a helping hand. It could be the little things like preparing food, or emergencies like falling out of bed. At HRE, we have on-site staff available and accessible 24 hours a day. Your loved one will always have help, no matter when they’re in need.

Day Care

Instead of a bland, clinical residence, HRE is like a home away from home. In addition to a large residence, there’s a big garden to get fresh air. Your loved ones can sit outside in the shade and relax, or walk around to boost rehabilitation. Day care also includes regular doctor visits, so clients’ needs are always up-to-date.

Medication Monitors

HRE staff are licensed nurses so we know about the different medication your loved one may need. Our nurses are supported by a dedicated team of aides. Don’t worry about whether your loved one took their medication or not. We’ll make sure they take their pills to get better as soon as possible.

Personal Care

Our team is committed to helping your loved one with all their needs, and that includes going to the bathroom. Clients are thoroughly cleaned daily – or more often if required – and have toilet assistance. Outside the bathroom, the excellent care continues. When applicable, your loved one’s dressing will be regularly changed to maintain good hygiene.

Social & Recreational Activities

If you don’t use it, you lose it. This goes for the body and the mind. That’s why HRE makes sure to rehabilitate and maintain a healthy mind through social activities. Your loved ones will have a great opportunity to make lasting friendships that will continue after they leave.


Various conditions, for example, a stroke, may leave your loved one struggling to live. Stay positive! HRE has helped several patients recover or at least greatly improve their current condition. Our positive attitude, medication monitors, 24 hr care, physiotherapy, social activities, room and board are just what it takes to aid recovery.

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