The Dependable Copywriter’s Services – All Guaranteed!

The Dependable Copywriter’s Services – All Guaranteed!

Below you’ll find the following information:

Two dependable guarantees I offer

The copywriting services I provide

The simple fee I charge

Dependable Copywriting Guarantees

As a dependable copywriter, I offer not one but TWO guarantees.

The Dependable Guarantee

For every deadline or timescale I miss, you’ll receive 25% off the total balance owed. This means that if I miss four deadlines, you’ll get your copy for free! So what’s the catch?

The guarantee and 25% discount don’t apply if I miss your deadline/timescale due to the following scenarios:

  1. Your email provider rejects the email(s) I submit, or my email goes to your spam folder.
  2. An Act of God prevents the project’s submission e.g. a flood, lightning strike, etc.
  3. An Act of Man prevents the project’s submission e.g. a terrorist attack, burglary, etc.
  4. You change the project’s requirements from the original specification.
  5. You don’t respond to my emails or cancel the project.

Otherwise, I am responsible if I miss a deadline therefore I pay the price.

The Bail Out Guarantee

The project must be paid in three instalments.

  1. A 25% deposit before I start working on the project. At this stage, I’ll research and plan the copy before submitting a summary to you for approval.
  2. 50% before I start the writing process. I’ll write, edit, proofread, etc.
  3. 25% once you’ve approved the final copy. Copyright ownership transfers to you once the final payment is made.

This guarantee means you can bail out at any stage and not pay anything more. It also means you don’t pay for more than you need, for example, if you change your mind at the planning stage, you don’t have to pay anything else.

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Specialist Copywriting Services

I offer the following services:

  • Blog Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Web Page Writing
  • SEO Writing
  • Editing
  • Advanced Editing/Rewriting

Other copywriting services will be considered upon request.

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Simple Copywriting Fees

I keep my pricing simple.

Writing fees are £40-£75 per 500 words.

Editing/rewriting fees are £25-£50 per 1000 words.

The final cost depends on the amount of research, interviews, etc needed.

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