5 Most Profitable Writing Styles…Ever!

Bland copy chases clients away – fast! No one wants to be bored stiff by what feels like a trillion words of the same ole same ole stuff. Sure, there’s only so much you can say about each topic, but at least change the way you say it. Here are five ways to say the same thing (or something different) in a new way!

Be the life of the party!

Be funny and/or sarcastic! Bring out your best jokes. Use some reverse psychology. Just be a fun brand to be around. Publish light-hearted copy that people love to read and spread around to all their friends.

This writing style is very effective for employees and customers. Employee morale will stay high, maintaining quality work and retaining the best workforce. Customers will see how you stand out from the rest, making you unforgettable.

Tell us a story!

Who doesn’t love a great story? Readers want stories they can relate to. Seeing how your brand took REAL people from hardship to success is the ultimate sales tool. You’ve said what you can do. Time to show it.

Here’s a story example:

In 2010, ABC Company did this…In 2011, ABC Company did that…In 2012, ABC Company joined with 123 Brand…

Changed into this…

ABC Company was started by me, Joe Bloggs, after another major brand let me down…again. It all started on a typical rainy Monday morning at 9am…

Guess which one readers prefer? Guess which one stands out?
Which one do you have? And which one do you want?

Writing in the 3rd person (he, she, they, ____ company) is over. Sell the REAL you by talking TO readers, not AT them. Stories are easier to sell than some bland content. Stories are exciting, intriguing, inspiring, and unforgettable. You can be too.

Make ’em angry!

No, nothing illegal. All legal, but still naughty…
Say the wrong thing to the right group and they’ll feel compelled to respond. When they see what you really meant, they’ll laugh it off.

Then word of mouth spreads.

If you mentioned brands, they might respond – why not? You gave them free marketing! When they comment on your work, it boosts your image. Nice trade off, right?

Here’s a demo on my old blog.

Could it go viral? Sure, why not?

Of course, this won’t happen if you never give it a shot.

Fight your corner!

When you’re selling, don’t cut to the sales pitch!

That’s an easy way to push readers away!

First you must:

Highlight their problems.

Address their feelings.

Put their thoughts into words.

Break down any reservations.

Then offer THE solution.

Sure, it can be a bit uncomfortable finding faults in your product/service, but then you have a great chance to argue why the faults are minor or not really faults at all. Addressing criticism is an effective persuasion technique. Showing you’ve considered both sides of argument is a sign of openness to change. This always earns major respect from your audience.

Natural SEO still works!

Have you read my article on SEO’s death? Then you know which SEO works and which SEO gets you kicked off Google. I’ll demonstrate both website-killing and website-boosting Seach Engine Optimised copy below.

Google started clamping down on content that’s over-optimised like this: Zahra is a writer. Zahra added this to Zahra’s web page for Zahra’s readers to read.

Popular, profitable copy always reads more naturally like this: Zahra is a writer. She added this to her web page for you to read.

Safe, natural SEO attracts Google and keeps readers. If your copywriter is cheap, it’s very likely they’ll be using bad SEO written by computers. Watch out! Once a website has been blacklisted, it’s hard (sometimes impossible) to recover.

That’s it. Of course your copywriter’s choice depends on your needs. Who is your audience? What goal should your copy achieve? A good copywriter provides a questionnaire when you work with them. Your answers will reveal the best profitable writing style for your project.


Copywriter Marketing

Top 5 Marketing Copy Types

It’s not easy choosing which copy to write. With so many options available, the decision can be overwhelming. It’s worse when you’re not even sure what the different copy are. If you’re in doubt, don’t worry. Here are the top 5 marketing copy types I recommend.

NUMBER ONE: Websites
Besides ad copy, your website is the only copy working for you 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year worldwide. Even when you’re asleep, your website is still advertising your services. Even when you’re at work, your contact web page is accepting more work. Instead of sending out expensive ad copy to potential customers, direct them to your website. A good website answers most of your customer’s questions. You can boost your website by adding a blog, but unlike blogs, a basic website doesn’t need constant updates. Just start your website and sit back while it brings in more business. You can spruce it up when your profits increase, but even plain websites attract clients. With so much free website building software out there, you can have a great website for free.

NUMBER TWO: Speech/scripts
With the rise of Youtube, videos became an easy, free way to market your business. Instead of reading over a long article, your customers could watch your video. Just set-up a camera at your workplace and record. No need for a fancy set, cast or crew. As long as your script has substance, you’ll reel in potential customers and increase your exposure.
Scripts are useful at conferences. Don’t go on stage and improvise! You need the right words, tone, and must identify with your audience.
Another use for speeches is at business meetings. Whether you’re talking to investors or employees, speeches provide a great opportunity to speak with people in person. Stand out from competitors who hide behind phones and computers. Get out there and meet your audience. Make eye contact and be visible. Be the face AND voice of your brand!

A blog is a series of posts on a website. Instead of a basic website, a blog is regularly updated. Blogs are often used as a free newsletter because they show a stream of updates on your business. When set-up properly, the blog will email subscribers whenever you post. This is far more convenient for you and your customers. You won’t have to waste paper and ink mailing thousands of people. They won’t have newsletters to throw out and can easily see issues they missed. Regular blogs are reminders of your business, so when people need your services, you’ll be the first person they call. Search engines will also get a reminder to visit your website and boost your online ranking. Every time you post, search engines will be alerted.Google likes old websites because your age shows you’re committed to your online presence.

Articles show your knowledge on a subject and industry, which will impress clients. Being an expert makes you very valuable in your field. It also justifies higher rates because you’ve proven your worth. When you publish articles online, you step into article marketing. If your article goes viral, it’ll send thousands of people to your website. This is the best way to get word of mouth exposure on a huge scale. Another bonus is SEO (Search Engine Optimised) articles. Google uses keywords to rank your website, so you’ll please readers AND search engines.

NUMBER FIVE: Case Studies
Testimonials are brief quotes from happy customers, but testimonials have a bad reputation. Now many people think they’re fake, which isn’t surprising because many are. To overcome this problem, businesses are now using case studies. A case study shows how your product or service helped someone achieve their goals. By providing detailed proof of what your business can do, you’ll be more trustworthy. Also, linking your brand to real people shows your personable side. It’s much better to be an approachable company than a brand who keeps their distance.

If I had to choose just 5 copy to write, these would be it.