Blogs can be anything including updates on your services or commentary on industry news. Word counts may be less than 300 words, but some bloggers publish close to 700 words.

Should you choose a short or long blog post? Here are factors to consider.


It definitely depends on your budget. Clearly longer word counts cost more. It’s down to extra hours spent on research, planning, writing, editing and proofreading.

Publishing Frequency

Longer blogs cost more, but readers expect fewer posts if blogs are long. For example, instead of three 200-word blogs per week, try one 600-word blog post per week. You could publish long blogs more than once a week, but this might reduce the chance of being read. It’s easier to set aside a Monday to read your blog than Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Too much is too much.


Have you read my SEO secret? Go on. I’ll wait.

More words means we have a greater SEO opportunity. We can include your keywords more and/or include even more keywords. For example, instead of just having the keyword ‘accountant’ mentioned three times, you could mention it ten times. Why not include an entire group of keywords that relate to each other?  You could include the following group of relevant keywords: accountant, accountancy, finance, profit, expenses, tax.

Search Engines

Some claim that search engines like Google prefer longer word counts. Is it because a longer word count shows you’re more ‘committed’ to the topic? Or that the topic has been discussed in more depth? Or more words show you aren’t a computer writing brief, poorly written articles? Who knows. Google won’t tell.

So, when you consider how long your blogs will be, read over those points. Think of your budget, how often you’ll publish, consider SEO keywords and remember search engines. I recommend a range of 300-500 words per blog post. There’s enough to provide quality content but not enough to lose people’s attention. Publish only when you have something to say, not for the sake of it. Of course the final decision is yours.

Let me know what you decide!