3 Reasons To Ditch Your Agency For Freelancers

3 Reasons To Ditch Your Agency For Freelancers

Taking a chance on freelancers used to be a big No-No. If they’re so good, surely an agency would’ve snapped them up by now, right? Wrong. The demand for writing is huge, but there aren’t enough agencies to go around. Freelance writers fill the huge gap. When people choose freelancers over an agency, cost is usually the reason. However, there are 3 other great reasons why you should choose a freelance writer over an agency one.

1. Maintain Agency Competition
Less competition means prices will skyrocket. Agencies could charge whatever they like and get away with it. You’d have nowhere else to go. The more writers the merrier. If a writer doesn’t perform to a high standard, you’ll find a replacement. If an agency raises their prices beyond your budget, you’ll still have affordable alternatives. Supporting freelancers forces agencies to provide good service.

2. Complete Projects Faster
Agencies have many departments. You’ll jump through several hoops to reach a writer. Some agencies might promise a quick response, but usually this is a form message sent automatically. With so many customers to help, how long will it take to reach you? When your project is a rush-job, it’ll be harder to finish on time.
Freelancers usually work alone, but some may have an assistant. Freelancers accept less work, so they’ll reach your message much sooner. I respond to every message within 24 hours and projects may start within a few working days. Project completion is faster too. I don’t have to sign off with a supervisor and a supervisor’s supervisor. Cutting out the middle-men and women reduces waiting times.

3. Know Your Writer
This seems so simple. You saw your writer’s picture on her website, read her credentials, liked her samples, and felt reassured by her responses. You pay her and relax, knowing great articles are coming your way…Or not. They come with errors, sound like a computer wrote them, and barely make sense.
This is what happens when you don’t know your writer. An agency writer could delegate to her colleagues or people less experienced. Even worse, she could pay exploitative wages to writers who barely speak English.
Hiring a freelancer means you know who will write your articles. Working with someone you trust is so important in business. You don’t want a lazy agency to screw up your chance to impress customers. Build up a strong working relationship with one freelancer instead of some cold, distant agency.

Those three reasons show why you should ditch your agency for freelancers ASAP. In addition to saving money, choose freelancers if you want to maintain strong competition for agencies, receive faster responses to queries, and know who is writing your content. If you do choose an agency, build a strong relationship with the writer. Good freelancers are hard to come by, so hold on and don’t let go!

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