No. 1 SEO Secret That Will Save You Thousands!

No. 1 SEO Secret That Will Save You Thousands!

…Can I tell you a secret?

Google uses many, MANY factors to rank content. When people caught on to SEO, Google changed their system. SEO wizards lost their magic overnight. Websites plummeted. Brands saw their income drop by hundreds, even thousands.


Search engines will never reveal their ranking secret, so there’s no point in trying to figure them out. SEO keyword stuffing, spamming websites, and the so-called marketing secrets work for a while, but then…nothing.

Okay, so what content will reign supreme no matter what?

Readers love quality content. They don’t need magical keywords to tell them it’s good. They read it, love it, and spread the word. If search engines change their system, it doesn’t matter. Why? Because people still find you.
Even Google can’t stop that.

If you want content that spreads like wildfire, hire me. If you want content Google can’t wipe out, hire me. If you want content that builds trust with readers – lucrative trust – hire me.

Or you can go back to the same bland content you’ve seen before. Or SEO keyword stuffed content a computer wrote. Or content the ‘author’ stole from somewhere else.

So why do I still offer SEO content?

When you write about a topic, you naturally use certain words. The keyword (excuse the pun) is NATURALLY. Include keywords on topic for search engines, but make sure you write great content for readers.

Why don’t all writers do this?

Because they don’t care. They simply stuff content with keywords. Who cares if copy is good or not? Just make sure it has 5.034749% keyword density!

Only quality websites are rewarded!

So what’s the solution?
Hire a quality writer.

That’s it?

Google penalises low quality content. Junk websites are kicked down the rankings or deleted off! Sure, you’re still on other search engines, but who goes there? Do you?

Quality writers provide quality content.
Quality content builds a good relationship with readers.
Happy readers keep coming back.
So simple, so easy, and so much cheaper than £1,000 plus a month to an “SEO expert”…
Make the effort, reap the rewards. Invest in quality content that lasts a lifetime.

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