Articles are approx 500 words of informative and/or entertaining copy. The best articles are broken down into 3-5 different points, each clearly separated with a sub-heading. The article can be funny, serious, sarcastic or even a list of recommendations. Articles can be standalone or part of a series. A series keeps people on your website longer, so it’s the best option.

Each article can go three different ways: argue against something, argue for something, or give both pros and cons. This makes articles highly effective at showing your expertise. Experts are more attractive than amateurs. By showing both sides of a topic, you gain even more respect. It shows you’re open to considering the whole picture, not just your side.

Articles can be published on your website as blogs. Then you’ll have short, personal blogs for loyal customers and informative articles for new customers. Best of both worlds!

If you can’t think of a topic or series, let me think of something. I easily brainstorm relevant articles that help your clients and/or customers. And you can pick the topic you prefer before I write anything. As always, the final decision is yours. So, what you waiting for?